Legend of the Scratch Wars heroes

The cosmic demon Pelicamort who has been cruising the universe since the beginning of time, ate statues of famous heroes adorning the holiest temple of Monolymp at a long-forgotten planet. Then, when Pelicamort flew through the starry void carrying the stone heroes in his beak, he suddenly crashed into a planet hidden around the corner of the sun. All the statues fell out of his beak and spilled over the planet’s surface. Here, on planet Overcorner, the greatest heroes of the universe came to life.

The awakened warriors wanted to escape the dangerous monster and hid at Overcorner. That made Pelicamort furious and he began to spread death and destruction among the inhabitants of the planet. Legendary heroes didn’t help to save the natives, and the natives saved the planet by themselves. But it was clear to them that he would return one day and want to take revenge. The heroes heard the terrible curse from the natives and found out that if they do not want to become immobile again, they have to join new and new battles and adventures to prove their courage. As their courage and strength grow, the curse will lose its power. When Pelicamort returns, they will be ready to defend the planet and repay its debt.

Here is a hint for you: Hero cards are covered with a scratch layer – scratch the card and you will free your hero. The heroes’ weapons were apparently also hit by the curse...


From the small islands inhabited by diverse nations, the heroes are constantly going to the big central island of Middlemyst. On an unexplored land full of mythical creatures, they seek treasures, glory, and especially eternal liberation. Middlemyst becomes an international battlefield where heroes are confronted in endless battles. Some fight lonely, others group together, and cling to clan communities. Once the Pelicamort returns to the planet, the current enemies of the forces will join forces and confront them as the only army.

Overcorner map