Game Description



ScratchWars is an innovative collectible card game which contains a huge number of game options and game modes. We are deliberately avoiding the curtailed term “collectible card game” because for many people it evokes the idea of a very narrow concept. Our game is exceptional in the following ways:

  • Each card is unique thanks to its unique QR code. There are hundreds of thousands of heroes’ names and combinations of attribute values. Therefore, the probability of finding two heroes with the same name equals the probability of finding a dinosaur skeleton in your garden.
  • You can start to play the game with two cards only – with one hero and one weapon.
  • The cards are scratchable. Scratching of cards is exciting until the end – even if you don’t get a rare hero (depending on the number of stars and the picture), you may still have the best hero of their type (with the best combination of bonuses) and such heroes are also very uncommon. You may also get the best combination of a hero and his attributes – your hero may have the ideal bonuses for a weapon you have. Furthermore, even a very poor hero is rare and thus valuable
  • Patented mechanical turntable for weapons.
  • Players may choose to play the game only with physical cards or scan their cards into the app and play the game only there.
  • Our free app for iOS and Android will include tournaments, campaigns, levelling heroes, gaining of spells for heroes, leaderboards, and more... An interesting feature of the app is that it shows exactly the cards you own physically and when you exchange or sell a physical card, you can also exchange it digitally, including all its recorded attributes, i.e. experience and spells.



The game can be played in a variety of game modes where every game mode has its specific rules. For now, we have disclosed details of just one of the modes. But you can look forward to other modes like team multiplayer, deck duels, and other.