Once upon a time, a cosmic demon named Pelicamort descended with his army upon the planet of Overcorner in order to find crystals which would allow him to travel between dimensions. Many so-called “heroes” fled cowardly from his army, although the planet managed to defend itself at the enormous loss of many of the planet’s magicians (Overgamers). The surviving magicinas then punished the cowardly heroes with a horrible curse.

The spell that came from the magician’s lips sounded so absurd that it seemed that the wrongdoers would never have a chance to be freed: “For your cowardice you shall be turned into stone statues. You will only awaken from the spell if someone from another dimension plays a game of cards where you can prove your bravery.”

The magicians, however, soon realized that the demon Pelicamort had vowed to return and without the cursed heroes they would never defend the planet! That’s why they have contacted our dimension and have asked us to “create a card game to break the spell.” Those who were contacted interpreted the message in a way that led to the creation of Scratch Wars.

By scratching off the card, you will free the hero or his weapon from the curse. By playing the game, you will train him to be brave and eventually will break the spell for forever.

Free enough brave heroes to defend Overcorner from Pelicamort and his henchmen!


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