ScratchWars is  a new innovative   game that combines everything you love in collectible   card   games,   board   games, and   mobile   games. ScratchWars have everything from these – you can play them alone at home,  on your mobile phone, or outside with your friends. Thanks to our unique production mechanism, there are   hundreds of thousands of combinations   of cards. This means that some cards may represent very   rare items. Moreover, today we are   you can get this unique game from us completely for free! Only a   limited number of games is available, so you must   hurry

All you have to do is to   fill out   a simple   form   and you can look forward to your free game package. Since the game is designed especially for 2 or more players, you need to provide   addresses of two of your friends with whom you will play. We will send the game to all of you! But we are playful and therefore we will send the complete   package   of all three   games      to one of the address only. It is also to ensure that you will meet with your co-players.


When you order our game, you get:

The original Czech game ScratchWars

Mobile app

Base for your Collector Edition

Thousands of hours of fun and adventure


If you still hesitate, or you have already sent your order, watch our video about the game. Make sure you go through our website, so that you can be best prepared to fight!