All you need is two cards and you can start

The minimum requirement for the game is 1 hero and 1 weapon

This means that you can start playing with physical cards with CZK 50

You can try the game for free in our mobile app

Why scratch cards?
  • The surprise is more intense
  • Joy brought by fun activity
  • Thanks to scratching, players develop closer relationships to their cards
Each card is unique
  • There are hundreds of thousands of names in the game
  • There is an infinite number of combinations of hero stats
  • Each weapon has thousands of variants
Simplicity and depth
  • Easy to play, hard to master. 
  • Count with probability and risk, use the right weapon at the right time
  • Spend your hero’s energy for using weapons
There is always something to play in the app
  • Duel challenges – the stronger opponent you defeat, the more valuable trophy you get
  • Public tournaments, VIP tournaments, as well as tournaments with friends
  • You can play campaign – conquer territories
Levelling of chars, ”digital ownership” of spells
  • Level up your heroes, strengthen your magical abilities and obtain powerful spells
  • You can find up to 150 spells in 4 levels of rarity
  • Exchange your high-level heroes and their spells with your friends, both physically and digitally
Always more to explore!
  • We will uncover other lands of the Overcorner world new heroes and game effects
  • We have prepared new game modes, e.g. Boss Raid
  • You can look forward to new features in the app, e.g. ArmyAcademy
  • Watch for new extensions of the physical game by “trade” and "ability” cards
Rarity and value of a card
  • For every hero there is one most valuable card in the world and also some very rare cards (according to combination of stats)
  • Players can see the average value of the given card type for each card and if the sum of values on your card is higher or lower than the average, you have a rare card
  • Rare cards have a collector value and it will be probably possible to make profit from exchanging or selling them
There is always something to play for
  • With each weapon card you also get scratch coins which can be used as stakes in games with your friends
  • The winner cans the coins in the app and obtains virtual currency to purchase spells
  • Those who are not afraid can trade coins or play directly for hero or weapon cards
  • The app also allows you to make virtual currency or get new weapons in tournaments, duels, or for accomplishments
Many opportunities to play
  • Meet with your friends, play at school, during breaks, or outside
  • If there are no friends around, play with them remotely in the app
  • You can also play multiplayer games – either every player for themselves, or in teams
Many game modes, the game will never get old
  • Start with duel: 1 hero with up to 5 weapons against 1 hero
  • Continue with team vs team
  • You can play with an army (deck) against another army
  • And for those who want even more, we will soon add special “trade” and “ability” cards