“As a parent of two children (8 & 10 years old), I was looking to create a game which would capture the imagination of the current generation of school-aged children – a game which would excite and absorb them, one where they could improve their skills, and primarily, a game able to keep their attention.  I wanted something that they would be able to constantly explore as opposed to something they would merely consume. That’s why the motto of the game is, “Always more to explore.”

Jiří Mikoláš, Scratch War’s CEO and game designer

What skills does the game develop in kids?

    • Communication
      (kids trade cards – they must negotiate the exchange; build consensus)

    • Analytical and strategic thinking
      (searching for suitable hero and weapons combinations; keeping up with their opponent’s moves)

    • Skill combining
      (practice with probability and risk)

    • Fantasy – game world is conceived in way where practically anything is possible
      (directly encourages kids to come up with their own stories, heroes, weapons, game effects – we rewards kids for this with points redeemable in the reward shop)

    • Togetherness
      (kids are in the game together = new opportunity to become part of a group; the game redefines roles; each person becomes someone else in the game; creates a safe environment for communication, cooperation, and cohesiveness)


How can kids get involved?