In addition to a card’s playing value, each card has a collector’s value which is esteemed by collectors and players alike. So, if you are interested in what determines a card’s value and what kind of price it might have, then keep in mind the following:


    • Each card has 1-4 stars which determine its primary rarity (the probability of its occurrence). Approx. every 10th card has 3* and every 35th card has 4*.

    • Each specific card has its own power on a scale of -8 to +8. The closer it is to each end of the scale (i.e., -8 or +8), the fewer cards of this type there are, and thus the rarer it is. (If you have any cards with a power of +7 or +8, then it really is a treasure ☺)

    • Value is also determined by how well the card has been scratched off – whether there are scratches or it is bent or otherwise damaged. It is good practice to keep cards in a card sleeve or album.

    • Each card also exists with “sparkling foil” and includes a special print finish. This card is distributed equally throughout all Scratch Wars packs and can be found in approx. every 20th pack.

    • Important is also the playing side of the card. Certain combinations of bonuses can be more powerful during play than others or will work better for certain players’ playing style. (“Permanent attack” or “combos” are some of the favorite effects)

    • Also depends on what edition the card is from. Cards from the Biolandia/Techlandia edition will possibly still be printed (this is the first edition for beginners). For other editions, like Vampiria, there is a set amount of cards; this edition, for example, will not be further printed for its specific linguistical mutation.

    • Certain cards are from special editions or introduce celebrities (like the King George card or Gog or Alzák); these cards are released in limited numbers.

    • RAREST AND MOST VALUABLE! If you find a 4* foil card with a power of +8 which is also playable, then you truly have a unique collectable card of exceptional value.

    • Card price is going up as the number of players increases as Scratch Wars expands to new countries; with this the demand for rare cards increases as does their value.