Scratch Wars

ScratchWars is an innovative collectible card game created by Czech company Notre Game. Defeat your friends in battles with real cards, arm your heroes with weapons, create teams or even whole armies. You may scan your cards into our app for iOS or Android and explore the world of ScratchWars online. Conquer territories, win tournaments, earn fame and obtain powerful spells! And this is just the beginning. We are working on further improvements of the game. The market launch is planned for February 2017.

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How to play scratch wars

All you need is two cards and you can start

The minimum requirement for the game is 1 hero and 1 weapon

This means that you can start playing with physical cards with CZK 50

You can try the game for free in our mobile app

Why scratch cards?
  • The surprise is more intense
  • Joy brought by fun activity
  • Thanks to scratching, players develop closer relationships to their cards
Each card is unique
  • There are hundreds of thousands of names in the game
  • There is an infinite number of combinations of hero stats
  • Each weapon has thousands of variants
Simplicity and depth
  • Easy to play, hard to master. 
  • Count with probability and risk, use the right weapon at the right time
  • Spend your hero’s energy for using weapons
There is always something to play in the app
  • Duel challenges – the stronger opponent you defeat, the more valuable trophy you get
  • Public tournaments, VIP tournaments, as well as tournaments with friends
  • You can play campaign – conquer territories
Levelling of chars, ”digital ownership” of spells
  • Level up your heroes, strengthen your magical abilities and obtain powerful spells
  • You can find up to 150 spells in 4 levels of rarity
  • Exchange your high-level heroes and their spells with your friends, both physically and digitally

Suggest hero's name

The game will be even more fun with your original name. Not only you can meet the hero bearing your name in the game, but you will also contribute to cards’ uniqueness and thus help us to improve the game.


Suggest hero's name

Find out a card’s rarity

Each card is unique and we have prepared a smart tool for you which knows everything about all heroes and which will tell you how rare your card is. Ask how powerful your hero is and celebrate your luck!


Check rarity of a card